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Pearl River Delta


Longgang Low Carbon City

  • Pearl River Delta

    The Pearl River Delta region includes Hong Kong, Macau and part of Guangdong province. The region is considered one of the most economically vibrant areas of China, as well as one of the most important industrial and financial bases in the world.

  • Shenzhen

    Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province. From the establishment of the first Special Economic Zone of China, it experienced an unparalleled transformation, evolving from a world factory of light consumer goods to one of the major innovation and technology incubators in China. In addition, logistics and finance are two greatly important components of Shenzhen economy.

  • Longgang Low Carbon City

    The future “Low Carbon City” is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen. This new project is structured into 4 zones including Sustainable Urban Park, Life Sciences Park, Business and Production Center, and Production Base. Shenzhen.


The percentage of different community groups in CEFC:

  • 81%


    The CEFC will primarily take into consideration the specific needs of the local people and maximize local economic benefits. As the development continues to expand, employment opportunities will continue to arise for local people. Moreover, local people will have access to local on-site vocational training, benefitting not only themselves but also the local community and the production industries.

  • 12%


    The development will boost a new generation of IT business attractiveness from living facilities, senior care training center, to leisure facilities, and high-tech production base making it a top destination for high-tech companies from abroad. The aim is to attract skilled professional people in order to create an innovative economy. The CEFC holds promise that the inflow of skilled workers will increase the ability to build knowledge clusters, thanks to a higher access to cutting-edge ideas and technologies.

  • 7%

    Temporary Residents

    With the Low Carbon City, the opportunity to stimulate interaction between innovation and research functions, temporary work professionals and researchers will find the CEFC as a great location for advanced research projects. With many laboratories for diverse experiences, our concept is to use a multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach, to sustain both the economic and social development of the territory, but also to support scientific development.